Tuesday, 16 June 2009

BasicGrey paper challenge

Do you remember this paper challenge my friend Helen and I set each other ( posted 23rd May)? Well we got together and checked out each others page and I thought you might like to see them too.
This first one is mine and I really struggled with trying to keep everything just in the top of the page so that the beautiful bird still showed, although I did cut around some of it and slipped the photo in underneath.

This is Helens page and I am totally impressed that she managed to cut out the whole bird! I haven't got the patience for cutting out intricate images but the bird does stand out more now that Helen mounted it on some sanded core-dinations paper (which she said was hard work to get the look she was after.)
Why don't you get together with a scrappy friend and challenge each other, it doesn't have to be complicated you could just use one element as we did with this paper. The important thing is having fun with friends, you could even complete it at each others houses and make it really sociable ( don't forget the snacks for the hard working brain, I always recomend cake!)

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  1. Love seeing your old challenge! Both pages are still beautiful! I think scrapbookers all evolve with their design!!