Saturday, 29 August 2009

Three more days

Hi all, I'm a bit behind with my classes again as we have been to beautiful Staffordshire! So without further adue here are 3 more layouts for you to see.

This is day 16 and Shimelle sent us some pattern paper to print out and the theme was perfect moments.

This is day 17 and we were supposed to print onto embossed cardstock and then sand it but I didn't have any so I will do that at a later stage and show it on another layout and refer back. ( did that make sense?) Anyway the theme was indulgences so naturally mine was CAKE!

Here is day 18 and we had to use the printouts and mount them onto chipboard and the theme was friendship.
I have nearly finnished another layout and will post it in the next couple of days, that just leaves one more after that and I shall have to think for myself again but at least I have a few more ideas swimming around in my head somewhere! Catch you later. Kerry.

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