Monday, 15 August 2011

A couple of cards.

I try and make two cards at a time these days as I always seem to run out and as I am cutting one piece of paper, I may aswell cut two and make identical cards and have a spare for another birthday.

click on image for a clearer view.

So today I got some inspiration from a wonderful cardmaker called Therese Calverd who just happened to use this cute puppy stamp (that I have aswell) on a card, so I lifted it. Obviously I didn't have the same papers or flower etc. that she used but I just improvised.
Now one card has been posted to a wonderful aunt of mine and the other is safe in my almost empty card box but I have found some fantastic inspiration in Bloggland lately that has really got me longing to make more cards when I get back from my hols.

Thanks so much for dropping by.

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