Sunday, 29 January 2012

All Day Crop.

On Saturday Bradfield Craft Club had an all day crop, we liked the idea of more time to craft without distractions (husbands, kids, the rest of the world!). Our Monday night crops are being stretched as some of us don't want to stop our playtime.
I thought I would share with you some of the pages and cards we made but please excuse the picture quality (I forgot to change the settings on my camera).

My 1st page (the stitching took ages).

My 2nd page using American Craft papers.

One of Joan's pages with stitching on and lots of cutting cutting out of the flowers.

Jackie's page (I loved this paper).

Sue used vintage lace on this page.

Another of Sue's pages (check out the gorgeous flowers).

This is the 1st page Sue made, with the vintage lace again.

Jean's page of her cruise.

Three bright and cheery cards by Jean as well.

Fontain's page showing off her school grades.

This is Helen's sweet kitty page (awww!)

Sarah's Disney holiday page.

Last but not least one of Sarah's 3 cards she made (with stitching too).

This all day crop was so relaxing and enjoyable with lots of chat, coffee and CAKE, I definitely think we will have more, I just need to see what I can get away with before my husband complains!

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  1. Wow, all day crops, you and your ladies are so lucky to get together with no distractions! ;)
    ...and I must say how impressive is your stitching Kerry! Beautiful LO.
    All layouts and cards are wonderful...and I spotted a familiar face on Joans page LOL! :)
    Janette x