Friday, 24 February 2012

The Darkness!

I haven't been crafting for a couple of days as spring is knocking at my door reminding me that I am still not prepared for the mountain of seeds I am going to have to start setting soon for my allotment (well maybe it's more of a pile than a mountain!) So I have been spring cleaning my greenhouse, sorting out my new shed and washing all my pots. Phew!
With all this frantic activity in the garden I thought I would have a little rest and show you another of my layouts that I finished last week.

A bit of an ominous title but it was quite funny at the time. We were on holiday last year and had a day trip to Dover Castle (very nice castle by the way) and we were exploring the grounds when we came across this tunnel. As it was a bright sunny day our eyes could not adjust properly to be able to see how far this tunnel went, so one of my daughters tentatively went inside by herself but got spooked by someone (might have been me!) and ran back out.
In the end I suggested we all went in together (safety in numbers so they say), so ever so slowly we crept into the darkness and stood a little way inside until our eyes adjusted to the dim light and low and behold the tunnel was in fact only about twenty feet deep. What fools we felt!

Hope you liked my page and the story that went with it, have yourself a great weekend.

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