Monday, 14 May 2012

Life is about Moments Like These.

Sometimes life can be hard and you wonder why you bother weeding the garden (there are always more to take their place), ironing clothes (when the kids can't or won't get the idea of folding), or baking cakes ( and I wonder why I still can't find any clothes that fit)!
You book a break away for a few days and the kids would rather stay a home... until you get to your destination and they are having a great time exploring somewhere different!
My layout I am sharing with you today is an example of this, we had booked a few days in Newquay stopping off on the way as it is several hours drive, by the time we got to our hotel everyone was a bit fed up but we dragged the girls down to the bay outside our hotel.

The white capped waves drew the girls like a magnet, shoes were off and trousers rolled up and they were not bothered by the fact it was April and the water was not warm. The travelling was forgotten and it was amazing how much beautiful scenery and children laughing can restore your soul.
Life Is About Moments Like These!!!!

Here is a close up of the bottom corner cluster, I loved this little bird that I got from HERE last week, good job it was a pack of ten.
All the patterned paper was Scenic Route from many moons ago.

Back tomorrow with more to show you. 

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