Saturday, 21 June 2014

Tie Dye Tutorial.

I had a DT page for Scrap Our Stash to complete this month that involved the challenge of tie-dye as we are teaming up with Child's Play!
When my blogging Friend Wendy shared her tie-dye page with me I talked her into making a tutorial too as our techniques are quite different!
You can check out Wendy's tutorial on her blog W2, HERE.
When I read the challenge assignment I wracked my brain (took all of about 23 seconds) and come up empty of ideas for tie dying on a page so I searched the endless book of knowledge that is the internet and found a children's paper mache project that used a faux tie dye technique and thought I could adapt it for scrapping!
So I gathered my essentials-
White background 12x12 thick paper.
Misting bottle.
Paint brush.
Crepe paper in stronger colours than I wanted as the end result will be less bright.
First - on a protected surface I wet my white paper using the mister. (so far so easy!!!).
I then ripped my crepe paper into strips about 1 1/2 inches wide (but it can be any width). Not as easy as it sounds because the crepe paper stretches but I think that helps with the final effect!
Then I placed the first strip at the top and misted it thoroughly. 
The crepe paper needed a little help from a paint brush to get it to lie flatter on the background paper.
Here is a close-up .
Then it was just a case of using the other coloured crepe paper strips in the same way leaving a small gap between each strip. This did not need to be neat, as in the case of tie dying there is always a ragged edge between where the string was tied and where the die managed to take hold.
I took off the crepe papers after just five minutes and I was delighted with my tie-dyed paper.
At first the colour was very bright but once it dried it was much lighter.
I will be sharing the layout I made using this tie-dyed paper on 25th June so please come back and see the finished page.
Hope you enjoyed my little tutorial.
What new technique have you found lately?
Kerry. xx


  1. This is fabulous Kerry! Your tutorial is perfect and thank you for convincing me to follow suite. I really love what you came up with! Anytime you want to share our techniques, I am game! I can't wait to see your final layout! XX

  2. Oh my goodness, this turned out amazing! So awesome Kerry! tfs

  3. What a cool result! I saw a teacher where I work using tissue papers to make colorful wrapping paper the same way. Adapting it to a scrapbook page is very clever, I can't wait to see the finished layout now!

  4. What an awesome effect...I am going to be trying looks like water colours.