Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Mid- Life!

I turned 50 this year!
There I said it out loud.
It sounds old to be 50 but really I feel no different, the saying - 'you are as young as you feel' still applies as it has done for me for many a year. Unfortunately that saying now come with health and safety warnings! 
Now with this new era of my life I find myself looking around at different aspects of it and needing to change a lot of things around, redecorating and generally having a good sort out. Joining new groups and wanting to visit those places around the world I still haven't discovered (even thinking about cruises!).
As I intend to live until around the 100 years mark I feel that this could therefore be called my mid-life crisis! Although to be fair it's not so much a crisis as a re-evaluation (play it down Kerry!).
Next year will be the year for re-designing my garden, decorating my bedroom and meeting some new friends at the first Like Forever Retreat.
With the new upheaval I am determined to sort, date and re-home ALL my scrapbook pages!
Of course when I say 're-home' I don't mean they are going to leave my home just a big re-shuffle.
I have removed every page and emptied every album so that I can sort them into chronological order which for me is a mammoth task that I have been putting off for years!
I haven't had enough albums so have been storing my finished layouts in old pizza boxes and I am REALLY bad at finishing off the pages with journaling and dates!

I tried sorting them on my bed but just didn't have the room for all the year piles, so....
Pizza boxes!
I smiled sweetly at my local pizza takeaway and bought 20 boxes and dated them all for the past 20 years.
All my loose pages (now stored upright in a cupboard) are now in the process of being sorted into the dated boxes. Each page is checked for date and journaling, some of the pre-digital are proving difficult to date! Then placed into their relevant box. 

I have ordered some new albums in anticipation of this task being completed in the next week or so and look forward to having order restored!
I will keep you posted!

Until we meet again.
Kerry. xx


  1. Wow!! That is a big task. But what a clever way to do it!!

  2. Life begins at 50 and only gets better after that. Congratulations on the milestone.

  3. 50 is the new 30 - Right???

    That is a HUGE undertaking. I can't imagine taking apart books to put things in order! That would cause my hair to fall out! However, I can imagine the small celebration you will be doing when the task is completed! Good Luck!

  4. Gosh Kerry this is some challenge you have set yourself!! It's good sometimes to change what we do and like you I am making some changes. I am wasting too much time browsing and planning than doing, so I am going to set myself time and put it in my diary. Like you I have lots of projects and things I want to achieve! Happy 50 and to this next exciting chapter. By the way, did I read right? A CRUISE?!!!! You know that means boats on water - right ?!