Friday, 17 September 2010

Kiddy Cat.

This is a page I made a while ago for The True Friends blog which for reasons I don't know have stopped blogging! So I thought I would post these photo's for you to see.
The original challenge was to scrap about your pet with the family and as you can see it stars our very physically challenged (lazy) cat Molly!

She loves nothing more than snuggling up with my girls on the chair in their play room, getting cuddles and generally being pampered. I just love the photo of her laying on Sammy's back whilst she watches the tv. It looks like my DD's asleep aswell but she just didn't like to have her photo taken and she couldn't run away as it would disturb the cat!

Here are a couple of close up's .

When the girl's went back to school Molly missed them terribly and would wander around meowing pitifully, so sometimes I just HAD to sit down and have some cuddles with her!
Off to bed now so I am bright eyed for some scrapping tomorrow. Yeh!

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  1. Hi Kerry, thanks for the comment on my blog :) This page is fab just love how you have used the tag!