Friday, 4 March 2011

Red Nose fun!

I've been having fun with my new found knowledge from the Photoshop course I'm attending along with my dear friend Helen.
How to turn a photo black and white (or any other colour) but making one part in colour focus.
My youngest daughter asked to buy all three RED NOSES that are out this year and of course my little brain immediately thought scrapbook page opportunity!!!! Of course I let her buy all three and within 30mins of getting home from school I had her photographed and was playing in Photoshop!
Here is the end result.
I opened the aperture right up on my camera so that she would be slightly out of focus and made the bright noses center of attention. Now all that's left is to print them out and SCRAP!
I will of course show you the page when I've finished, paper stash here I come!

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