Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Bradfield Craft Club.

Last night the ladies of Bradfield Craft Club went against the traditional Halloween spooky beasts, pumpkins and trick or treating, we went for pretty paper, paper flowers and good company and had a fab time (even stayed out late!!!!)
It was such hard work to get all that crafting done (yeh right!) but we soldiered on and I took some photos of our homework as usual to show you what good girls we are!

Here is the page sketch I sent them home with a couple of weeks ago and the extra element this time was metal.

This page is mine (still trying to work through my New York photos).

Here is Joan's royal page!

The card sketch.

My card.

Joan's card.

Linda's card.

Now Jackie is on a mission I think with her Xmas cards because the next 3 are hers!

I have a rumbly tumbly so I'm off to make some lunch, thanks for stopping by.

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