Saturday, 2 June 2012

Sketch Challenge.

The challenge I gave out a couple of weeks ago at Bradfield Craft Club was a sketch designed by little ole me, hexagons seem to be the 'in' shape in the crafting world at the moment so I thought I would add them to my sketch.

As usual I try to keep my sketches simple as it allows for individual scrapbooking style to have a say in the overall design.

This is my page, it ended up as a mirror image of the sketch and I used squares as the paper I used was all squares that I cut out.

Joan stayed true to the sketch.

Pam has adapted my sketch to suite her style but you can see the elements of the sketch are all there.

I will be back soon with pages from the challenge Helen and I had set each other.
Hope you have a great Jubilee weekend.

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