Friday, 21 February 2014

In Search Of Spring!

I have just got back from a walk to the library, firstly because I had some books to pick up/return, secondly to get some long needed exercise and lastly I wanted to take my DSLR out for a play in the sunshine!
Yes we have sun instead of rain today and  I took advantage of the dry spell to check for signs that spring is here (or not!).
Armed with my DSLR (I dusted it off first) I walked the 3 mile round trip through the woods and then along the Stour Estuary on the return journey Eye-Spying Mother Natures tells of spring.
If you would like to see my journey in pictures please carry on scrolling.
Not a cloud in the sky!
This is a good start to finding spring!
Snowdrops - we could still get some of the white stuff!
Just me and twittering birds. They were too busy looking for bugs to sit still whilst I got a picture of them!
This little fellow on the other hand was quite happy to sunbathe and have his photo taken!
This tree trunk was doubling up as a squirrels breakfast table.
Wild crocus.
The daffodils are tentative!
The geese taking advantage of the floods!
Handsome chap.
My journey home along the Stour Estuary. Unfortunately the tide was out at this time of day so not as pretty as seeing a great expanse of water with the sky reflected in it!
And of course you can't go for a walk around Mistley without encountering one of these regal swans.
Well I'm home again and back to housework (blah). I think the consensus is that although Mother Nature has woken she has not quite got out from under the duvet! Maybe in a couple of weeks we will see more signs that the year is in the grip of spring.


  1. Kerry! These photos are lovely! They give us all hope! We had a thawing period and just about all of the snow is gone - but it is grey, dark, slushy, and muddy. I thoroughly enjoyed your photos. I have been thinking of you and all the rain you have been receiving. I hope you and your family stay safe and dry!

  2. Your photos are beautiful. So glad things are drying and warming up in the UK. You must be so fed up with rain.

  3. Wow, my walk to the library is a lot less scenic!!!! I love the weather here in California but it also means that we do not have real seasons... your photos are fabulous! Thank you for sharing your stroll with us :)