Sunday, 20 April 2014

So Sorry.

I am a very bad blogger but I blame my mojo as it has gone walk about! 
Don't you just hate the fact that no matter how much you want to get your teeth stuck into some serious scrapping you can't seem to find the inspiration to get going or when you do get started the project comes to a grinding halt midway and there it sits staring at you!
Well that's been me lately, I started three scrapping projects this month that have gotten nowhere, I have missed a deadline, ripped a page apart to start over and I feel the need to go see if my mojo is hiding out somewhere like Fiji or somewhere else quiet and tranquil.
All is not lost as I have been holding back a couple of cards that I have made lately for when my poor blog is bereft of scrappy goodness!
You will have to excuse the photography on this one as I didn't realise the light had caught the glitter and I have already given the card away so can't re-do it!
Just a simple card for a little friend who loves building sand castles on holiday.
This one was for my youngest daughter who turned 13 this week and that means I have three teenage daughters in the house now, perhaps that's why my mojo left home!
I hope you are having a wonderful Easter weekend.
Thanks for being here with me today. xx 


  1. Both of these cards are fabulous! Hope your scrappy mojo comes back from holiday! I've been there, and it is frustrating! Hugs!

  2. Your cards are lovely. My mojo deserted me when the stress hit me...maybe now that we have had a break I will get something done again.

  3. Lovely cards. Love the Panda! Surama

  4. They are so cute, I love the sand castle made out of cardboard and the sweet colors of those sequins, so pretty!

  5. I know exactly the feeling and it has plagued me lately as well! It seems that the more deadlines I have the less the inspiration shows up! ... of course, you have a better excuse than I do with three teenage girls! ;P