Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Holiday Snaps.

Hi everyone,
I have just arrived back from a awesome holiday that didn't allow me any access to a computer so I have missed lots of creative goings on!
I hope I will catch up in the next few days but until then here is a little of what I have been up to (not a drop of glue in sight!).
First off, a week here in beautiful Annecy, France.
Where I swam (briefly!) in the glacial mountain fed lake.
We climbed!
Some of us were not so happy with the climbing part!
But  so worth it!
Sampling the local drink whilst watching the para-gliders jump off the mountain.
(yes it was only lemonade - but I was driving that day!).
This is me trying to convince hubby that he could fly!
Oh No!
We did have to queue for the cable car to take us up one mountain!
Said mountain - Aiguille Du Midi, part of the French Alp range - complete with glacier!
Here we are 3842meters  above sea level!
Another country this time - Switzerland. More awesome scenery on the drive there!
A quick stop off at a Swiss Chocolate Factory on the way to our next destination.
Arrived in time for the children to have a twilight swim in lake Thun. I got as far as my ankles - gosh the water was cold!
Someone had left this frame just lying around at the top of  Schynige Platte!
Catching a train this time to take us up the mountain.
A game of cards half way up????????????
Rebecca decorated her hair with Alpine flowers on the walk down.
I could never get tired of seeing waterfalls!
Lunch with a view!
Me in the snow on top of the Jungfraujoch mountain!
At 3,466 meters above sea level, this has the highest railway station in Europe!
There might have been one or two selfies taken on this holiday!
For the last five days a complete change of pace!
No snow at Disneyland Paris!
No reality here!
We did take a day out to find some culture!

Wow, sorry for the photo overload! 
But I hope you enjoyed my little run through our holiday and no doubt these photo's (and MANY more!) will be seen in the coming month's on my scrapbook pages!
I hope you have had an awesome summer too (feels decidedly Autumnal outside for the middle of August!). Back to school here in the UK in a couple of weeks so we are off to town today for shoes, books and new uniform!
Until tomorrow. xx 


  1. Looks fabulous! Glad you had a great time.

  2. Fabuleux voyage!!!! Welcome in France!!

  3. Beautiful! Looks like a wonderful time, the cooler weather would be wonderful, it's so hot here right now, I'd love to dip my feet in cool glacier water!!!

  4. Wow, what a fantastic looking holiday. You really have got your scrapbooking sorted with a lovely variety photos there !!