Wednesday, 29 April 2009


What great weather we are having, I been busy at the allotment for the last couple of weeks getting it ready for the new veg plants growing in my greenhouse, hence not a lot of pages being posted.
I have been working on my page for my craft club mini kit challenge but I can't post it until next week after we have all got together and seen what everyone else has done with it.
The page below is one I finished last night and I really enjoyed doing the stitching. I will definitely be doing more stitching in the future although I have only got four different coloured threads, I feel the NEED to shop for more colours.

I am not usually a pigeon lover but I had to save this little beauty from my 3 cats on Sunday when she was spotted in my garden sporting a broken wing. She had a racing association leg ring so we knew she was not a wild bird. My hubby registered her on their website for lost racing pigeons and found what to feed her (wild bird seed). I put a cardboard box in the shed with her food and water and blocked up the cat flap. After leaving her to settle in quietly over night my DD went to check on her and found her nice and cosy in the cats fluffy bed !!!!!!!!! Her cardboard box was untouched and there was bird seed scattered all over the shed, luckily though the owner just lived round the corner so she went home Monday evening so Bramble could have her bed back although it had to be cleaned first YUK.

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