Saturday, 4 April 2009

New blogger

Just finished adding my new header and am ready to go with my new blog. You will have to forgive any mistakes for a little while as I am a complete novice when it comes to blogs and have already deleted a couple of posts as they went a little wrong!
I will be posting some of my layouts as and when. I will also post the challenges and results from my craft club.
We are going to have a mini kit that I have assembled at our next club meeting so it will be interesting to see what everyone will come up with, it's nice to all have the same papers, ribbons etc.
At our last club meeting we had a demonstrator from Particraft to show us some stamping tips and I was impressed with the quality of the inks and stamps she was selling so when I receive the stamps I have ordered I will post images of them.

Are you like me (and probably all scrapbookers) as the name of my blog suggests a big fan of patterned scrapbook paper? Even though I probably have enough papers to last many scrapbook pages I can't help drooling over new papers, they seem to get more beautiful and creative I suppose to entice the likes of me to buy more than we know what to do with.
I do like to make my own embellishments from scraps of paper and a few punches as it means I have more to spend on papers! My other weakness at the moment is stamps as they also enhance my pages quickly and easily. One of the challenges at my craft club recently was to add stamping in some way to their pages hoping some of them would find it rewarding.

The Easter holidays are upon us with more photo opportunities as the weather warms up leading to more scrapbooking of course! My layouts do tend to be about my 3 girls as I am trying to document their lives for them to remember in years to come. I want to start an album about me and my life. Although I have only managed one page it's a start!

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