Monday, 11 May 2009

Quick makes

This was my quick make from last night, sometimes it's quite satisfying to just do simple layouts as it's finished and put in your album. I have been waiting for the opportunity to put a tape measure on a layout and I thought that during sports day measuring takes place in the form of distances run and how far things are thrown, so that was my thinking behind the tape.
My journaling is hidden behind one of the photo's and if you click on the image you can see I have done a bit of doodling on the title letters.

This layout was easy but a little more time consuming as I experimented on making the trim that I have placed under the photo's. I have put instructions below.

First take a Fiskars Threading Water Border punch and punch along the piece of cardstock, you want to have quite a long piece of card as it's easier to manage.

Next measure from the back of the paper guide to the front of the hole as shown ( mine is 9 1/2 mm ).

Next carefully measure your distance from the back of the hole and mark with a sharp pencil.
Do this at intervals along your cardstock.

You should then join all your pencil marks up with a ruler like in photo below.

Then trim along the pencil line with your trimmer so you are left with a strip like this.

Insert your strip into your punch again making sure that the straight edge of your cardstock strip is against the paper guide and line up the holes as in the photo below.

Continue carefully punching until you have reached the end of your strip and hopefully you should end up with this.......

I hope these instructions make sense, don't forget you can click on the photo's to see close up.
Email me if you need further instructions.

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