Friday, 29 May 2009

trying something new

Hope you like this page, it's a little different to my usual style but I am trying to push myself a bit to use the stash I have got and make my titles more interesting.
Initially I wasn't even going to scrap these photo's as they were a bit dark but I decided to work with it and use the main colours and especially the red for impact.I don't know if you can tell from the photo but the word 'tourists' is cut out of shiny red foil which matches Kyle's and Freddy's clothes.
The word labels were fun and easy to do on the computer then print out in different font's and red ink. I like the effect of this sort of wording which you can normally buy in sticker form but I was trying to be frugle ( and complete the page today) but I will definately do it again. Why not have a go yourself and have some fun playing with font's colours and sizes.
My next post should be two lots of craft club challenges - as long as we don't have another power cut on Monday !

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