Sunday, 8 November 2009

New Lamp!

Now that the night's are arriving so early and some of the days are not so bright I asked my DH about a daylight bulb for my lamp and the darling bought me this instead!!!! A brand new daylight lamp that fixes to my table.
It came from Maplin online and was on promotion so he was happy. It is soooo great now to see my papers in their true colours even when scrapping in the evenings!

Here is a photo of the clamp that fixes to the table, but the good thing is that the lamp arm slots into the clamp so you don't have to keep taking it on and off the table.

Last but not least - hidden under a flap on top of the lamp head is a magnifier! So with my failing eyesight ( nothing to do with age of course - I just need to eat more carrots ) I can see even the smallest of embellishments and where I'm putting them.
If you would like to check it out at Maplins click HERE.
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  1. ohh I love your lamp! I also like that it clips to the desk, may have to treat myself :-) Thanks for the link x