Saturday, 26 June 2010

An invitation from Shemelle.

Shemelle has invited us to share with her a photo that means something to us. But we must do something with it, so here is one of my favourite photo's at the moment that was taken in April of one of my DD's. I have yet to scrap it, although I'm not sure why. Perhaps I'm doing the same with this photo as I do with some of the scrapbook papers that are my favourite at the moment - just content to get them out and look at them excitedly and then put them away again until I find just the right time (or photo ) to use them!

Why is it so special to me? well I have 3 daughters, the youngest loves to have her photo taken, always ready with a silly face or fake pose (beggars can't be choosers). My middle daughter, the one who's photo this is, hates to have her photo taken and I usually get the back of her head (perhaps I should scrap some of them to record the fact!!) And my third daughter is a teenager! (do I need to say more than that?) well lets just say I won't get a smile because of the braces and if it's a bad hair day - forget it!
So when this photo was taken and even a few more to go with it ( when she's willing you take full advantage) I fell in love with it because I so rarely get her so happy for me to snap away to my hearts content. She also looks so beautiful when she smiles I wanted to record it so I can look at the layout and remind myself to treasure every smile she gives me even though I might not get them all on camera.
So with that I will thank you for stopping by as I am off to start the layout with this photo! And thanks Shimelle for the invitation.

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  1. What a really great shot, who would think she is not a fan of having her photo taken. I saw your comment on Shimelle's site and thought I would check it out.