Friday, 25 June 2010

A True Friend Blog challenge.

Over at A True Friend Blog this week we are celebrating our pets sporting abilities and as my cats usually get featured doing very little ( unless you call trying to follow the sun around a sport!) Domino became the star.
Here he is in his not very manly pink hamster ball, waiting for me to shut the door and put him on the floor so he can run around. He really enjoys rolling along the floor stopping occasionally to smell a new smell or just terrorizing the cats by bumping into them!

So if like me you have an active pet, perhaps one that enjoys running, jumping, fetching or chasing the sun! why not join us at A True Friend and scrap the happy frolicking of your pet and leave us a link so we can see what they are up too.


  1. So cute. If I'd just get pics developed I'd be able to do some scrappin. lol

  2. Aw this is so, so cute!!!

  3. your hamster is gorgeous! I have a mouse that just loves to wheel away! Hope I can take part in the challenge!