Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Font Fun?

read at your own risk!

Now when my friend Wendy suggested a font filled challenge to use up some of our pre-made letters, I thought 'great I can rid myself of old stash and make room for new'! 
Armed with some ideas I attended a weekend crop with the intention of making a dent in the stash of unloved letters. Well it was all down hill from there!!!!

I had the design in my head and I had the AC Thickers packet that had never been opened because the letters were LIME GREEN WITH BLACK CHEETAH PRINT! Whatever possessed me to buy them I don't know - they were obviously in a sale!
I started out with all the letters I needed laid out on some plastic. Out came the white acrylic paint, I then proceeded to cover them in not one but two coats of paint (one coat didn't cover them funnily enough!). 
Great, now all my letters were white, so I stuck them on my layout!
I then had a moment of complete insanity and decided that my layout needed a spritz  of colour! What-a-mistake-to-make! I HATED IT!!!!!!
Wendy's name was mud from that point on because the only way of recovering from this disaster was to remove all the letters and repaint them AGAIN! TWICE! Because of course one coat was not going to cover the bright red ink!
I think I eventually finished this layout about two in the afternoon from starting at 6pm the night before. 
The final piece of straw that broke Kerry the camels back was that by the time I got it home and the lettering had been moved about so many times.....yes you guessed it they all started falling off because the glue was no longer sticky! So I spent the evening glueing them all back on! 

Drum roll please.................

There you go, my worst nightmare of a page! I am actually pleased with it now that it's finished but I won't be painting letters again any time soon! You can see the spritzing under the letters that at one point covered them too. These are all the little nicknames I seem to call my sweet little cat Demi. As you can see I coloured her actual name black so it would stand out from all the others.

As with all pre-made packets of letters there are never enough E's so there are about 3 or 4 that are made up from other numbers or letters and also a T and F were also Frankenstein-ed! Though it's hardly noticeable under four coats of paint!

The rehashed black E was not so hard to cover as it wasn't until after that I realized I should have put aside  a good E at the beginning. But hindsight is a slippery so and so!
I found this little 'Hello, my name is' label and thought it was perfect for this page.

I could resist this little saying too, along with the essential fussy cut flowers!

One last close up!

Now I have bored you to tears with my ranting how about heading over to Wendy's blog? She has a couple of posts about our challenge already and she has been was more imaginative that me! I think I was traumatized by this first layout so the other two of mine are VERY TAME! I will share them with you when I get time to post them, hopefully in the next couple of days.

Here is a link to Wendy's blog - (no ranting there!).

Glad you stopped by. xx 


  1. Sorry...

    HOWEVER, this page is awesome and I think your idea was fabulous! I love how you were able to get all those nicknames on a page! I have to admit the misting looks good on the base paper! I am going to have to give this a shot since it seems that my efforts really did not make a dent in my alpha stash!

    As always Kerry - it is great fun to challenge each other! Hopefully, you have recovered.


  2. It seems that page has given you a lot of trouble, but I hope it was worth it. The spritzing in the background is just enough to break up the white on white and I love the way Demi's name stands out from all her nicknames.

  3. Well, after all your hard work, the page turned out fabulous!!! Love how you used up the bright green, leopard print letters!! Great job with the challenge!!!

  4. Totally love the font work here! Fab, fab, fab!

  5. I'm happy it all worked out, because it's a gorgeous page! I don't know that I would have kept going. lol Love it!

  6. Wow! If you hadn't told us the story I would have just been in awe of another awesome layout! This was definitely worth all the work, it is gorgeous!

  7. Wow! If you hadn't told us the story I would have just been in awe of another awesome layout! This was definitely worth all the work, it is gorgeous!