Sunday, 8 March 2015

A Friendly Challenge - Frames.

I have posted about a couple of friendly challenges lately and still have another one to share after this one. I love to set them with my crafty friends, it is such fun to see the different takes that each of you come up with even with the same papers or sketch.
During an evening at the local craft club that I run, we were having a night where we were sorting through old papers to make decisions about whether or not to keep them. Some got swapped amongst each other and there were plenty of 'does anyone like this one?' or 'I don't think I would ever use this one'. So when my friend Jackie said 'what could you do with this sheet?' about this one particular piece of patterned paper I loved it so much I challenged her to scrap it with me (there were two sheets of it as it came out of a paper stack).

Here is the sheet in question, I can't remember the name of the stack but I'm sure some of you will recognize it.

Here is the result of me cutting the living daylight out of it!
I just used the frames as little embellishments and then added flowers butterflies etc all around them.

I have had these butterflies for many years but they had never really 'gone' with anything before. The colours in my photo and the dark paper behind it meant that these fluttery embellies we perfect for this page.

I mounted the frames on the page using 3D foam pads to give some dimension.
I was pleased with how my page turned out - nice and girly, just how I like them!!!! 

At first Jackie was stuck with how to use her sheet of paper, I think the fact that there were too many frames for her liking was putting her off. So when she decided to cut some of them out it made it a lot easier for her to work with.
Unfortunately I forgot to take any close ups when photographing her page but I think you can see where she used her frames. I loved the fussy cut camera  inside one and can you see the frame on the bottom left - it has some keys tied to the bottom of it!

There we are, another great challenge successfully completed and I can't wait to share my next friendly challenge with you as there are four of us using the same photo!

Thanks for taking a peek at my little blog.
Kerry. xxx 



  1. Kerry! I love how you challenge others! You are an inspiration! You are training me to see paper in a new light! I adore what you did with all those frames. Incredible work! Your friend's page is just as awesome!

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