Monday, 2 March 2015

Friendly Challenge, Glue Masks.

A very warm Hello to you and welcome to another friendly challenge reveal.
Helen and I have been challenging each other for............... OMG I just went to check when we started our friendly challenges and it turns out the first one was to scrap a piece of Basic Grey paper way back in 2009!! Here is a link to our first ever challenge and if you go to look no laughing at our early scrapping skills! 
Ok now you have gotten off the floor and stopped laughing, onto last month's challenge which was set by Helen. She came across this tutorial on Pinterest about how to make masks with your hot glue gun (and lot's of glue in my case!).

After much deliberating about what design I was going to make with my glue, I found the process very easy. I went for a rose design as I had a new Sizzix rose die that I had yet to play with and a romantic layout to scrap.

Here is my completed mask, almost a 12 x 12 in size and lots of sticks of glue later!

And here is the effect it made after spritzing.

Last summer we visited Paris for the day whilst staying at Disneyland and we came across this bridge that has for years been the place for lovers to attach a padlock to 'seal' their love and then both sets of keys would be then thrown in the river! The right photo just shows the back of the railings that doesn't do justice to the amount of padlocks on the front but I couldn't get a decent photo of the front as there were too many people.

Here is what the bridge looks like from the front. (source)
Unfortunately part of the railings collapsed from the weight of the padlocks last September so the city is trying to find alternative ways for people to show their love. 

I recently bought some awesome wooden words from The Works and the 'love' one was perfect for part of my title.

This is one of the rose die's from a set of three that I got in the Sizzix sale.
All my papers were Fancy Pants, I think they were the Hopscotch line.

I absolutely loved Helen's glue masks, as you can see she created these three paw print ones that she could place around her page. Making these smaller ones means that in the future she can place them next to each other to make a border or place one or more together to make a larger mask. 
What a clever crafter! 

And here is Helen's masterpiece! Of course having paw print masks could only mean one of her pets would be the star of the show and today it is Odie. I adore Helen's colour combo with the dark teal and turquoise then a smattering of salmon pink. Gorgeous!

A close up of the paw masks effect. Just too cute and lucky for me Helen cut some paw borders on her Cricut for me to use as a template to make my own paw mask after I buy more glue!

Close up of the layered flower with a lovely gem brad in the center and placed on a doily. 

Well, there we are another friendly challenge completed and the next one is a craft bingo (or tic tac toe as we say in the UK).
Hope you enjoyed seeing our different layouts and masks and do let us know if you have ever had a go at making a glue mask. We would love to see more examples for ideas on this sticky technique!

Until next time. xxx


  1. What a cool challenge! Your mask is gorgeous and the layout is equally stunning! I also adore Helen's paws and layout.

  2. That is a fun challenge! Hmmm.... my creative wheels are spinning! Thanks for sharing your story I enjoyed it very much. I have to admit I was laughing when I referred to your first challenge and your made the comment that you did not have the patience to fussy cut the bird. Wait - Kerry not having the patience to fussy cut?!?! You have demonstrated that you currently have more patience than most with your amazing technique!

    I think both of these layouts are gorgeous! Great job! Please be sure to tell Helen too!

  3. Love the rose stencil and your romantic page. Now I want a hot glue gun!

  4. These are great! Unfortunately I can't be trusted with hot glue... don't ask! :)

  5. Kerry, This is AMAZING!! Love what you created. I can see why you used a lot of glue. I need to try this. Thank you so much to you and Helen for sharing. And what you scrapped is so cool. I LOVE that bridge. What a sweet way to secure ones love!!! Gorgeous page!!!!

  6. Wow Kerry. What gorgeous masks you girls made...the pages are both stunning. But that seems an awful amount of work that went into the mask. I hope you get many chances to use it in future.